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The Benefits of Staying in a Boutique Hotel

In our modern age, we’re constantly faced with many options for everything we want to do – and choosing where to stay when traveling is no exception. From Airbnb to VRBO to “pod” hotels to house swapping to bed and breakfasts and on and on, the wide array of choices can be overwhelming. But for travelers in search of a unique experience that takes their trip to the next level, the answer is simple. A boutique hotel can’t be beat!

What is a boutique hotel?

Hotels have existed for centuries. Naturally, there’s been some evolution over the years, from inns to hotels to all-inclusive resorts and eventually, to “boutique” hotels. But what does the term boutique hotel really mean?

While there’s no standard definition to fit every boutique hotel, there are a few common features that set them apart from typical accommodations. In general, a boutique hotel is characterized by unique personality and décor, personalized service, prime location and a local flair.

To put it simply, when you hit the Holiday Inn, you’ll get a clean bed to sleep on and the same bland, boring room you’ve seen in 100 other cities. When you stay at a boutique hotel, you’re getting a one-of-a-kind experience influenced by the region that you won’t find replicated anywhere else. After all, why settle for standard when you travel if what you want is an escape from the everyday?

The benefits of boutique hotels

Still not totally sure whether a boutique hotel is the right choice for your trip? Here’s what you can expect from your stay…

Unique Style

Bye bye beige, hello beautiful! A proper boutique hotel will ditch the cookie cutter designs in favor of an individual sense of style and a true personality. At The Moonrise, our space theme sets us apart and is reflected everywhere, from our artwork to our collection of space memorabilia to the special touches in our fun, funky and incredibly comfortable guest rooms. Take a peek.

Added Amenities & Stellar Service

From the moment you arrive at a boutique hotel, you’ll feel like you’re being treated to a personalized experience. The staff treats you like a star and special touches elevate your arrival. Here, we take pride in the fact that we offer pet-friendly hotel practices, luxury pillow-top mattresses and bedding in every room, high-end Aveda bath products and many more perks that set us a cut above the rest.

Enviable Eats

Boutique hotels are a food traveler’s dream come true! The same attention to detail throughout the hotel is paid to every dining experience, too. Our own Eclipse restaurant makes it a priority to cook with locally-sourced foods from nearby farms and emphasizes seasonal ingredients. Whether you’re ordering room service, sipping a handcrafted cocktail in Eclipse Restaurant and Lounge or enjoying the best rooftop dining St. Louis has to offer, you’ll have an out-of-this-world experience.

Location, Location, Location

Whether they’re in lively, up-and-coming neighborhoods, fashionable urban locales or tucked away in a city’s secret gem streets, boutique hotels are almost always found in a prime location. Like the Moonrise, which is situated proudly along the St. Louis Walk of Fame on the world famous Delmar Loop – one of the Top Ten Streets in America! Our close proximity to shopping, bars and restaurants, concert venues and Forest Park means that entertainment is always only a few steps away.

Attention To Every Detail

Every aspect of your stay in a boutique hotel has been thoroughly considered and optimized to provide you with an exceptional experience. In addition to the Moonrise’s outstanding service, high-end amenities and quirky modern design, we also implement green hotel practices throughout the entire property so eco-conscious guests can feel good about leaving a smaller footprint during their stay.

Convinced that boutique hotels are the perfect accommodation for your travels? Shoot for the stars and book a stay at the best boutique hotel the galaxy has to offer! Or, plan your next party or meeting in one of our enviable unique event spaces or corporate event venues and set a course for a cosmically good time.