Green Hotel Efforts

Going Green at Moonrise Hotel

The Moonrise is proud to be one of the region’s leading green hotels, making it possible for the eco-conscious guest to feel good about his or her stay and for all guests to leave smaller footprints.

Sustainability efforts at the Moonrise Hotel include:

Alternative Power

  • The sixty-foot solar canopy over the Rooftop Terrace Bar and the roof of the Rooftop Twilight Room, constructed of 107 glass solar panels, power the whole rooftop including the rotating moon, the popular outdoor bar and the indoor/outdoor Twilight Room.
  • The solar panel roof, which is the first restaurant and hotel roof in America made entirely of solar panels, powers most of the floor below the rooftop and sometimes even covers the floor below that!
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station allows overnight hotel guests to re-charge their electric cars for free! (Overnight valet parking fees not included)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Property-wide recycling program
  • Composting for Eclipse Restaurant and the employee break room
  • Glass crusher for the bottles from the bars to minimize space in the recycle bins
  • Green Dining Alliance certified (Eclipse Restaurant)
  • Cardboard recycling dumpster
  • Limiting bottled water usage

Think Globally, Act Locally

  • Eclipse Restaurant menu features many locally-sourced, organic foods from nearby growers and farmers and places emphasis on seasonal ingredients

Getting Involved