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Things To Do Near The Moonrise

Choosing which places to visit during your time in St. Louis can be a difficult endeavor. There are so many options in the Gateway City, picking a few to fill up your limited vacation time is no easy task. Whether you’re seeking a bite to eat, a sight to see or a bit of rest and relaxation, we’ve got you covered.

Things To Do In The Loop

Here are some hot spots and activities around the city that we, at The Moonrise, highly recommend.

Catch a Concert at The Pageant

Musical artists from across the world love to perform at the most hip venue in all of St. Louis. With several concerts being held each week, you’re sure to find a show that will make for a memorable night. Take off from the hotel and land just a few blocks away, and you’ll be at the home of some of the most legendary performances you’re likely to ever see. You can also pay a visit to the smaller neighboring venue, Delmar Hall, for more intimate concerts with smaller artists if your taste isn’t quite in the main asteroid belt.

Enjoy Entertainment at Blueberry Hill

From midday to moonlight, you can enter a new world when you walk through the doors of Blueberry Hill. With a dart room, arcade room, concert room, photo booth, hallways lined with pictures of celebrities and shelves filled with a massive collection of memorabilia, you’re always in for a fun time. And, the food and drinks are stellar enough to ensure that your taste buds will take flight.

Shop Local on The Loop

You’re sure to find the perfect eclectic souvenir at one of the many small businesses along The Loop, from Phoenix Rising to OSO Style Lab. If you enjoy comics, collectibles or have any interests in the realm of pop culture, you will certainly find something that suits your taste at the local comic book store, The Wizard’s Wagon. Hit Vintage Vinyl to pick up a few classic LP’s, then stop in Avalon Exchange for some vintage threads to complete the vibe. Find a full list of local shops on the Delmar Loop’s official site.

See a Movie at The Landmark Tivoli Theatre

Take a trip to the past and visit the Tivoli for an old-timey movie showing. The unique theatre provides a nostalgic viewing experience unlike any other. With a bar in addition to an array of tasty snacks, you can even enjoy a cocktail or two at your matinee or midnight showing!

Sample Fresh Local Foods at Midtown Farmer’s Market

If you’re on a quest for some delectable natural foods, you won’t be let down by the selection at the Midtown Farmer’s Market, located on the Delmar Loop every Saturday from 9:00am to 1:00pm, April 28 -November 12. As an eco-friendly hotel that uses locally-sourced foods in our own Eclipse Restaurant, we love a good local market! The quality of food, accompanied by the delightful environment and occasional live music and children’s activities, makes for a shopping scene we guarantee you’ll enjoy.

Take In the St. Louis Walk of Fame

Walk amongst the stars… literally! As you walk down the sidewalks of the Loop, you may notice golden stars with the names of St. Louis celebrities, along with plaques, sharing intriguing details about their lives. Prepare to be fascinated by the St. Louis history of stardom.

Hit a Strike at Pin-Up Bowl

You’d better pin this one on your to-do list because a night out at Pin-Up Bowl is always a strike. Enjoy eight lanes, four enormous screens playing entertaining programs and dozens of options for food and refreshments. If you decide to split from the Moonrise for a bit, you can have lunch or dinner at Pin-Up while you bowl until your heart’s content.

Watch Root Beer Get Bottled at Fitz’s

Fitz’s, home of the iconic root beer, serves fantastic food with its famous bottled beverages. Be sure to take a look at the bottling times scheduled on their website if you want to arrive in time to see the behind-the-scenes of the root beer packaging process.

Treat Your Pooch To a Special Day

St. Louis is a dog-friendly city, (and the Moonrise is a pet-friendly hotel, of course!) so bring your canine pal with you on your trip! Three Dog Bakery is a nearby shop that sells treats and accessories for your furry friend. Start by paying a visit there and picking out something that suits your companion. After that, stop by Doggie Design to have your dog groomed and styled like a V.I.Pooch; trust us, they’ll love it.

Belt A Tune at W Karaoke Lounge

The Loop’s new karaoke venue is a must-visit if you are musically gifted (or if you’re not)! There’s no way you can’t have fun when you spend your night singing in front of strangers.

The Delmar Loop is a dynamic street that is constantly receiving fun new additions like the upcoming nationally popular restaurant, HopCat. You may also spot a test run of the brand new Delmar Loop Trolley, which will be fully functional and taking riders soon. It is a seriously awesome neighborhood with a mix of modern and classic vibes, and one of the 10 Best Streets in America!

Things To Do Around St. Louis

Looking to branch out away from our little corner of the universe? Fear not! If you need some space from the Delmar Loop, St. Louis has plenty of other famous attractions for you to explore.

Take a Stroll in Forest Park

If sightseeing and taking part in fun activities has made you an exhausted traveler, then Forest Park is the perfect place to kick back and take it slow. Enjoy leisurely strolls around the most gorgeous park in the city, play a quick nine on the park golf course or take a paddleboat around the pond.

Catch a Musical at The Muny

The Muny, an enormous, historic outdoor theatre, is such a spectacular sight that you’ll be satisfied no matter what show you attend. With talented, nationally-acclaimed performers and fabulous Broadway shows, there’s no doubt you’ll like what you see.

Go Wild at The Saint Louis Zoo

It is uncommon to find a zoo of such fantastic quality in any other city, let alone one that is completely free. That’s right, admission to the STL Zoo is completely free of charge! Visitors get to see an impressive display of all sorts of animals, along with interactive experiences that make it infinitely more fun than the typical zoo.

Get Cultured at the St. Louis Art Museum

When in doubt, take a look around the SLAM (St. Louis Art Museum)! With exhibits from many eras and genres of art, it will appeal to everyone, regardless of taste. You’re really in for a treat there.

Find Your Inner Child at The City Museum

This is not your average museum. Actually, it’s not much of a museum at all! More like an enormous playground taken to the next level. For all ages to enjoy, the City Museum has giant slides, expansive caves, windy tunnels and the most absurd architecture in St. Louis.

Enjoy The Views From The Gateway Arch

When we say there’s nothing like The Arch, we really mean it. The huge curved metal structure is an absolute wonder to see in real life. And, the view of Busch Stadium and the rest of the city from the top is truly a spectacle. Accompanied wbya history museum on the bottom level, no part of this stunning building is uninteresting. Plus, the newly renovated Arch Grounds are absolutely lovely.

Tour the Anheuser-Busch Brewery

Watch the brewing process, take a tour, visit the Clydesdales, enjoy some food and taste the beer! It’s not everyday you get to enter the central brewery that creates the King of Beers.

Explore Other Unique St. Louis Neighborhoods

Hit Central West End and Clayton for shopping and delightful bites. Try The Grove, Soulard or Downtown for a party. And definitely don’t miss The Hill for the best Italian food outside of the EU! Our city is home to seventy nine different unique neighborhoods, each with its own individual atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else.

Celebrate at a Signature St. Louis Event

No matter the season, you’re sure to find a party somewhere around the city. During the summer, you’ll find PrideFest, art festivals and 4th of July parties. In Fall, walk through the famous Art Fair, or be a spectator at the annual hot air balloon race in Forest Park. When Winter comes around, check out the Ice Festival right here on the Loop and go watch the Mardi Gras parade in historic Soulard. In Spring, enjoy the Earth Day festival and yet another art fair. The number of parties in St. Louis is seriously astronomical. Odds are, you’ll find some festive celebration to attend.

Now that you’re aware of all the nearby destinations, you can begin your voyage with a better sense of direction. Don’t forget to book a room at best boutique hotel in St. Louis before you blast off!