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Enjoy Locally Sourced Foods at Eco-friendly Eclipse

The Moonrise makes efforts every day to be one of the greenest hotels in the solar system. From our solar-paneled roof to our electric vehicle charging station to our property-wide recycling program, being green is just second nature to us. But we don’t limit our eco-efforts to the hotel – they extend all the way into the fabulous Eclipse Restaurant too!

Eclipse is Green Dining Alliance certified, thanks to endeavors like composting any food waste and crushing and recycling all glass from the bars. In fact, our home, the Delmar Loop, is designated as a green dining district. But Eclipse’s most delicious eco-friendly effort is reflected in its fare.

Taste the difference with locally-sourced ingredients

Eclipse head chef, Cameron “CJ” Settle, has a passion for crafting delightful dishes out of the highest quality, freshest ingredients available. “I try to use as many local sources as possible to add to my menus,” says Chef CJ. “I think the main reason for buying local would be, the closer the ingredient, the better it tastes!”

When your goals are to craft to the best food in the universe and leave a smaller footprint on our planet, sourcing ingredients locally is an obvious choice. We’ve carefully selected nearby farms in southern Missouri and Illinois that care just as much as we do about environmental responsibility and high-quality products.

Ole Tyme Produce, based out of St. Charles, Missouri, partners with local farms, growers, greenhouses and orchards to provide us with the freshest, highest quality fruits and vegetables available. Eclipse also sources various ingredients from Sunfarm, a farm-to-fork distributor founded right here in St. Louis, and Doublestar Farms, a farm in Illinois that believes in small family farming and sustainable growing practices.

We don’t stop with fruits and veggies, though! Our charcuterie boards include cured meats from local producers Salume Beddu and Volpi. (Even the boards we serve them on are locally crafted – just don’t try to eat them!) Eclipse also uses only grass-fed beef. Why? Because leaner, contains more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, more antioxidant vitamins and is both lower in calories and more nutritionally dense than grain-fed meat. In addition to all that, it just tastes better. We even source our pasta locally, from Midwest Pasta, the ultimate crafters of artisan small-batch pasta.

If you prefer delicious meatless options, we’ve still got you covered. Try thoughtfully prepared dishes like squash noodles with spicy tofu and basil oil, mushroom pasta with Ozark Forest mushrooms, charred rainbow carrots with garlic honey and bourbon and more.

Local sourcing not only provides fresher food, it supports the local economy and workforce, contributes to lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduces the environmental impact of shipping food long distances. So if you’re an eco-conscious traveler or food lover paying a visit to the moon, don’t forget to treat yourself to an out-of-this-world meal at Eclipse. Check out our menus and plan your trip today!