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Take a Tour of the Arch

The Saint Louis Arch, also known as the Gateway Arch, is the most iconic building in Saint Louis. Built-in 1965 to symbolize Saint Louis’s historic position as America’s “Gateway to the West”, it has become a symbol of what the city was and what it is today. Visiting the Arch is a popular stop for those staying at the Moonrise Hotel.

What does “Gateway to the West” Even Mean?

The westward expansion of America needed to have a starting point where settlers would organize before heading west. After the Louisiana purchase in 1803, the amount of available land grew significantly. The first historical use of Saint Louis as a Gateway to the West was the Louis and Clarke Expedition. Their expedition goal was both powerful and straightforward; to find a land/river route to the West Coast of the United States and introduce any peoples they meet to the United States.

What is there to visit at the Arch?

Saint Louis Arch is not just a building that you can go to the top of; it is also a large downtown park and a museum. The Museum is a museum of the United States’ westward expansion, showing both the good and bad of that history. The park itself is beautiful and right on the Mississippi River. Just head towards downtown, and you can’t miss the beautiful park and the Arch.

Soon you too can say: “Hey Look, it’s the Arch”

The Saint Louis Arch is such an iconic shape that it is one of the first buildings people notice on their way into the city. Even when locals get near, they always say, “Hey Look, it’s the Arch!”. Whether you are coming or going into the city, the Arch is always a welcoming sight. 

Where to stay after visiting the Arch?

The best place to stay in Saint Louis is its Premiere Boutique Hotel, the Moonrise Hotel. Located just a few miles west of the Arch, it is a perfect place to stay if you are heading out West on a road trip. Make America’s Gateway to the West, Your Gateway to the West.