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Buck Moon

On July 23rd, 2021, there will be a beautiful Buck Moon in the midnight sky; it will be a full moon, too! You might be thinking, “Whoa, what a weird name for a moon, where did the name Buck Moon come from?”. Let’s find out.

Why is it called a Buck Moon?

The Buck Moon did not get its name from growing light beam antlers on the Moon or anything strange like that. Nor was it named after the most recent NBA Champs, the Milwaukee Bucks. Early summer is when Bucks typically start their new antler growth. So naming the Moon after when male deer antlers begin to appear makes sense. Historians believe that the Algonquin tribe first came up with the term Buck Moon.

Where is the best place to view this uniquely named Moon?

Each month’s full Moon has a particular name. The best place for our guests to view them is our beautiful moonlit rooftop bar. Summer is here, and let’s finally have some local fun at the Saint Louis boutique Moonrise Hotel.