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St Louis Walk of Fame Addition: T Bone Burnett

On September 19th, 2017, the St Louis Walk of Fame will add yet another amazing St Louisan to the Delmar Loop attraction. Joseph “T Bone” Burnett III, a songwriter, musician and producer, will be placed on the sidewalk next to other talented St Louis artists such as Chuck Berry, Tina Turner, Tennessee Williams, Maya Angelou, and, of course, Nelly. With an arsenal of accolades to back up his abilities, we are so excited to visit this new star!

Little T Bone: The Younger Years

Born in St Louis, Joseph Burnett graced the world with his presence in 1948. After nailing a job in Ft. Worth, his father moved his mother and young T Bone to Texas. Burnett quickly discovered his love for music by listening to his parents old records. The father of his good friend, Stephen Bruton, was a drummer who also taught the youngster a thing or two. After seeing The Beatles on the television, Burnett and Bruton were inspired to start garage bands to share their own creativity. Burnett and Bruton continued their mission after high school, recording in the basement of a local recording studio.

Entering the Big League

Burnett produced many songs and was featured on several songs before he and his band, The Fare, moved to Los Angeles. He even toured with Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue. After the tour ended, Burnett formed the The Alpha Band with David Mansfield and Steven Soles, who also toured with Bob Dylan. The Alpha Band released three albums from 1976-1978.

In 1980, Burnett released a solo album in the rock genre. This album paved the way to touring with The Who. In 1986, he ventured to the realm of acoustic country through his self-titled album. While another album released in 1987 that fell in line with the time’s new wave music. With another wave of change in the music industry, Burnett adapted recording an album with an alternative style in 1992. Burnett quickly proved himself as a man of all genres, never limiting himself to one path.

T Bone Today

More recently, Burnett has received multiple Grammy Awards for the production of soundtracks, such as “Walk the Line” and “Crazy Heart”. But, his genius doesn’t stop there. He has also produced music for popular television shows such as “Nashville” and “True Detective”. To boot, T Bone has been influential in the careers of Los Lobos, The Counting Crows, Gillian Welch and other renowned artists.


With a lengthy career and a passion for the gig, T Bone continues to originate unique music that blends popular music styles in a way that only he can. So, download some classic T Bone, put in your headphones and prepare yourself of the September 19th induction of the newest member of the St Louis Walk of Fame! When traveling from out of town to take a selfie with his star, don’t forget to book your room at the Moonrise Hotel!