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Astronomical Society Chooses the Moonrise Hotel

The Great American Eclipse

While we are all excited to see the Great American Eclipse on Monday, August 21st, 2017, we will have some guests staying at the Moonrise Hotel who have been anticipating the total eclipse for years. When determining the path of the eclipse across the continental United States, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific decided to venture to the St. Louis area, ensuring they would have the best opportunity to enjoy and study this truly unique experience.

Special Guests from the Astronomical Society

The Astronomical Society will arrive at the Moonrise on Friday, August 18th, and stay through Monday evening. Early Monday morning, the crew will board a bus and travel to Southern Illinois, where the path of the sun will offer amazing sights of the complete and total solar eclipse.

The group will be lead by Dr. Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain. Dr. Gay is the current director of Technology and Citizen Science at the Astronomical Society, director of CosmoQuest and host of the Astronomy Cast. Mr. Cain is the cohost of Astronomy Cast and publisher of Universe Today. Check out these two in action on their amazing and informative YouTube channel:


Festivities during the Total Eclipse

Once the Astronomical Society arrives in Carbondale, IL, they will join the festivities hosted at Southern Illinois University. NASA Edge, the Weather Channel and many other important science and news sources will be broadcasting from the location. If you’re in the area, stopping in for the event is a must! From food to entertainment, and not to mention the best views of the 2017 total solar eclipse, the Crossroads festival is sure to be a hit for all.

Total Eclipse Party at the Moonrise

In addition to the events on the day of the eclipse, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific will also be hosting a weekend experience at the Moonrise Hotel. This event will include musician Marian Call, who has performed her alluring music across the United States. The Moonrise Hotel will also host a viewing party on the roof on Monday, August 21st. With a featured drink, the solar eclipse, we’re positive that each guest will delight in a day they’ll remember forever.

No matter where you catch a glimpse of the total solar eclipse, make sure to wear protective eyeglasses! Luckily, we’ve been instructed by the Astronomical Society to purchase solar binoculars or a solar telescope to ensure we can see all of the views and protect our eyes. If you’ve got Amazon Prime, snatch a pair of solar binoculars today so they’ll arrive before the big day!