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Eclipse Party Wrap Up: What to do with Your Eclipse Glasses

Experiencing the total solar eclipse last week was a thing of beauty. Now that this momentous event has passed, you might be wondering how you can still have more eclipse fun or what to do with those awesome eclipse glasses you got after attending the Solar Eclipse Viewing party at the Moonrise. We have some ideas!

Use them again

Did you know your eclipse glasses can be used even when there’s no eclipse occurring? Instead of waiting for the next total eclipse, you can use undamaged eclipse glasses to study our friend the sun. According to NASA, so long as the filters of your glasses aren’t scratched, punctured or coming loose in any way, they can be used indefinitely. Just make sure they follow the ISO 12312-2 safety standard as well. If you’re thinking about becoming an eclipse chaser, check out this list of upcoming solar and partial eclipses around the globe.

Make Them Shine

While the experience of the eclipse is still fresh, now’s a great time to make a keepsake. Print off those awesome photos you or friends and family took during the eclipse. Group them along with any eclipse memorabilia you may have collected, news articles, and  your glasses for an out-of-this-world space-themed shadow box to display in your home. You can even host an After Eclipse party to swap photos and stories while making your display (a great reason to have eclipse-themed snacks and drinks again!).

Share the Love

Have more than one pair of glasses or just feel like sharing the eclipse viewing love? You can donate your glasses to Astronomers Without Borders. This fantastic group began the work of collecting glasses soon after the Great American Eclipse. Donated glasses will be to sent to schools in South America and Asia, the continents experiencing eclipses in 2019. You can mail in your glasses or check out their map to see if a donation drop-off is nearby.

Thank you to all of the eclipse fanatics that joined us on the rooftop. We had a great time, and we know you did, too! If you can’t wait for the next event on the rooftop at the Moonrise Hotel, check out Motown on Mondays! Every first and third Monday we get down to the sweet sounds of your favorite Motown artists.