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Lights, Camera and Happy Birthday to Shelley Winters!

Shelley Winters. Image source - WikipediaToday we’re wishing a happy birthday to a true Hollywood trailblazer: actress Shelley Winters!

Winters, a two-time Academy Award winner, was born Shirley Schrift on August 18, 1920, in an apartment on Newstead Avenue in St. Louis. Her father was a men’s clothing designer and her mother was a singer with The Muny. The family moved to Brooklyn, New York, when Winters was three years old. She left high school to become a model and studied acting at night.

She achieved stardom with the 1947 film A Double Life and won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for The Diary of Anne Frank in 1959 and for A Patch of Blue in 1965. However, it was Winters’s desire to fight Hollywood stereotypes of women and support other feminist causes that made her a true star.

Winters’s acting career spanned five decades and included both film, television and theater. She also penned two autobiographies later in life.

In 1992, Winters received a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame at 6323 Delmar. She died in 2006 at the age of 85.

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