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The Delmar Loop Welcomes Wash. U. Students!

Eclipse Rooftop Terrace BarIt’s that time of year again when scholars from around the world make their pilgrimage to Washington University for another school year. Whether you’re brand new to this whole “dorm” thing or renting your last apartment in University City before venturing into the post-grad world, the Delmar Loop has plenty to offer.

From weekly groceries to the best spot to celebrate finishing your thesis, here’s the insider’s guide to the best of the Loop.

St. Louis Walk of Fame

Who needs the Hollywood Walk of Fame when we’ve got our very own right here in St. Louis? Take a stroll down Delmar on a Sunday morning and stop to look at the stars and plaques in the sidewalk that celebrate St. Louisans who made contributions to our national culture.

Moonrise Hotel

Sleep among stars, quite literally, at this one-of-a-kind hotel in the Loop. The pet- and eco-friendly boutique hosts weddings, events and your out of town guests in luxuriously whimsical celebrity-themed suites.

Located on the  east end of the Loop, the Moonrise hotel features valet parking, free lots and is situated just blocks from the Delmar MetroLink station.

The Pageant

From today’s newest acts to the old classics, everyone worth seeing stops in St. Louis at The Pageant! Grab a drink at the Halo Bar before your show and get early access to the intimate venue before the crowds outside.

Within walking distance of Wash. U. and surrounded by plenty of free street and lot parking, The Pageant is an absolute must-see, whether you’re in town for the night or the semester.

Eclipse Restaurant

This space-themed trio of restaurant, bar and event space is out of this world! Take your whole family to Eclipse Restaurant for a delicious brunch or cap off the night among the stars at the Rooftop Terrace Bar.

Situated inside (and atop) the Moonrise Hotel, Eclipse features plenty of parking opportunities.

Pin-Up Bowl

This is yet another Loop location that’s great for late night fun! After a show at The Pageant, stop by for a round of drinks and strikes (…or gutter balls. That’s fine, too!) at this full-service bowling alley and martini lounge.

Blueberry Hill

Since the 1970s, this restaurant and music venue has been a staple on the Loop. Take your friends who helped you move out for a delicious dinner and a look at all the St. Louis history on the walls. Don’t forget to see the famous Duck Room, where Chuck Berry used to perform monthly!

Tivoli Theatre

Renovated in the 90s to its original 1920s glory, the Tivoli Theatre features a full concession stand with some of St. Louis’ finest beers as well as flicks ranging from independent art films to cult classics. It’s a great place to spend a date night or a casual Saturday afternoon!

Peacock Loop Diner

One of the coolest things about the Loop is there is always something to do. And we mean always. The Peacock Loop Diner is no exception! Open 24 hours and serving up breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts around the clock, it’s the perfect pit stop after any of the activities mentioned above!

United Provisions

Need some caffeine or something to whip up for dinner tonight? Look no further than United Provisions, a Loop-located grocery store where you can find international and everyday ingredients, sushi and coffee bars, pre-made food and even alcohol!