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Packing for springtime in St. Louis: 5 essential items

Happy First Day of Spring!

Springtime in St. Louis is amazing. It’s a great time of year to experience all the city has to offer, from Cardinals baseball to the zoo.

But St. Louis is notorious for having some of the most fickle, unpredictable weather in the country, especially in the spring! It can catch even the most seasoned travelers off guard.

If you’re heading to the Lou this spring, here are five essential items to pack in your suitcase:

  • A jacket, sweater or sweatshirt: Layers, layers, layers! Did we mention layers? St. Louis spring temperatures usually range between the mid-50s and mid-70s, but a freak cold snap is not unheard of. Bring along a least one article of cold-weather clothing to battle brisk conditions and easily remove once temperatures improve.
  • Jeans: It’ll likely be too chilly to show off your shorts when you arrive in St. Louis, so pack your favorite pair of jeans as an all-weather asset.
  • Umbrella: An umbrella is great to have along no matter where you’re traveling, but rain seems to pop up more randomly in St. Louis than in other places. Invest in a travel-size umbrella that you can easily stow away in a purse or backpack once the sun comes out.
  • Walking shoes: When the weather’s nice, St. Louis is a great city for walking, whether you’re exploring downtown or taking in the scenery in Forest Park. Just make sure you bring comfortable shoes to wear so you’re not bummed out from blisters.
  • Allergy medication: Spring in St. Louis can be brutal for people with mold, tree or other outdoor allergies. Don’t forget to pack plenty of meds to keep you feeling your best.

In addition these items, make sure you check the St. Louis weather forecast frequently before and during your trip. It can change within the hour — we’re not kidding.

If however, you find yourself in the Lou without one or more of the items above, you can pick them up at one of our city’s many convenient shopping destinations. We particularly love all the small, independent clothing shops the Delmar Loop has to offer. And, of course, the Moonrise Hotel’s gift shop is well-stocked with must-have travel items.

Enjoy your stay in St. Louis!