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Explore the Loop

google-mapThe Loop is a vibrant, eclectic six-block neighborhood filled with dining, shopping, music and entertainment choices. It includes more than 140 specialty shops, 48 multi-national restaurants, 14 entertainment and music venues, 25 clothing boutiques, 26 unique/gift stores, and 10 galleries.

Named after the streetcars that “looped around” to return to St. Louis more than a century ago, today The Loop is recognized as “One of the 10 Great Streets in America” by the American Planning Association.

Here are a few of our favorite Loop destinations:

The Loop is also home to St. Louis’ own Walk of Fame, which showcases the city’s contribution to our national cultural heritage with brass stars and bronze plaques honoring famous St. Louisans embedded all along the sidewalks. Bob Costas, John Goodman, Nelly, Josephine Baker, Miles Davis, Maya Angelou, Charles Eames, Stan Musial, Chuck Berry, Betty Grable and Redd Foxx are some of the lauded names gracing the walk.

Do you have information on transportation?
The Delmar Loop MetroLink stop is located just 2 blocks from the hotel and costs only $4 from the airport. Taxis are available at the airport and cost about $25-30. Airport shuttles are not available.