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Catch the Moonrise Hotel in a Movie!

You already knew the Moonrise Hotel was the brightest star in the galaxy, but this star is set to shine a little bit brighter this summer! Get ready to see your favorite hotel in the universe featured in a film by director David Kirkman, based on the comic book superhero Static Shock. The film, named Static, shot many of its scenes right here at the Moonrise and along the Delmar Loop!

Not Just Another Superhero Movie

Everybody loves a good superhero story, but this one sets itself apart from the pack. A mix of political crime drama and superhero movie, this unique film is sure to be out of this world.

The story centers around a young man named Virgil Hawkins who is struggling to find his place in the world and manage his newfound superpowers as his father runs for city mayor. When it’s discovered that some of the city’s gang activity is connected to those in power, Virgil is in for the fight of his life.

Director David Kirkman hopes his film will showcase the power of diversity in the superhero genre, much like recent blockbuster Black Panther, as well as highlight what’s possible in film in the St. Louis area.

Why Choose Our Unique Boutique Hotel?

“I wanted there to be a little nostalgic feeling from the 90’s and the Moonrise offered this amazing, vivid color scheme that works perfectly for the film. To showcase the hotel in this light would probably bring back a lot of memories for a lot of people in the St. Louis area, that is my hope for all of the locations we filmed at in the Loop,” said Kirkman. “We filmed the biggest and most exciting fight scene in the film at the Moonrise and I honestly can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

Neither can we! We’re sure our star quality is going to shine on screen. We may have held tons of cool events in our corporate event venues and hosted hundreds of happy couples in our unique wedding reception venues, but getting the chance to try out our acting chops is a blast unlike any other. Who knows, one day you may even see Kirkman’s name on a star along the St. Louis Walk of Fame!

The film is set to be released online sometime this summer, free of charge. Check out this exclusive sneak peak of Static while you wait.

If you want to stay at a pet-friendly hotel in St. Louis with movie-star good looks, book a room at the Moonrise today!