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Sturgeon Moon

On August 22, 2021, there will be a beautiful Sturgeon Moon up in the celestial heavens. Who would have guessed that a Moon phase has the same name as a fish? Well, it’s true, and it will be a full moon too!

Why is it called the Sturgeon Moon?

The Sturgeon Moon did not get its name by looking like a fish in the sky. August is a peak time for Sturgeon fishing in the Great Lakes. The name was given to the August full moon by the Algonquin tribes while fishing near the Great Lakes. Some other unique names for the moon is the Green Corn Moon and the Grain Moon. Both of those names are about farming since August is a good time to do late crop planting.

Where is the best place to view this uniquely named Moon?

Each month’s full moon has a particular name. The best place for our guests to view them is our beautiful moonlit rooftop bar. Summer is here, and let’s finally have some local fun at the Saint Louis boutique Moonrise Hotel.

Come stay with us this weekend and hangout on the rooftop bar. Enjoy a delicious meal at the Eclipse restaurant too!