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When the Stars are Aligned

Anyone who’s visited the Moonrise knows just how magical the atmosphere at our space-themed rooftop bar can be. So, we weren’t surprised when we heard about two star-crossed lovers finding each other beneath our man-made moon over a cocktail and some laughs. However, this wasn’t a normal date; this was a chance meeting that ended in a stellar romance! Allow us to tell you the tale of Meredith and John’s first “date” at the Moonrise Hotel.

The Perfect Spot for Date Night

It was September 2017 and John was sitting on the back corner couch on our very own rooftop bar. He had just moved from Florida and was still working to meet new people and make connections in St. Louis. On his third date with a nice woman, John was trying to decide if he wanted to pursue a serious relationship when in walked Meredith.

Meredith was also on a date – only her second – trying to decide if she’d finally met her Mr. Right. She was nursing a recent soccer injury, so wanted to spend this date sitting rather standing at the bar. It was a busy night on the rooftop, but she spotted an open space on the same back corner couch where John was sitting with his date. Meredith politely asked the two if they could share the couch. That broke the ice and the couples began talking. Meredith said John was very complimentary of her. John was appreciative that his reflective sunglasses gave him the freedom to admire Meredith anonymously. The couples shared cocktails and enjoyed a great St. Louis fall evening.

Taking a Chance for Love

It didn’t take long for Meredith to recognize there could be something there with John. She recalled that John had told her where he worked. Meredith tracked him down on LinkedIn and realized that she was working with a marketing agency that his company was utilizing. She sent John a message letting him know how nice it was to meet, and said that they may even run into one another in the future on projects.

John, who was on an international conference call, saw the message pop up on his phone. He was shocked but thrilled to see that the beautiful woman from the night before had contacted him. The two began chatting with one another about business but quickly realized that they had so much more in common. He decided to ask Meredith to meet him that evening for a glass of wine.

Finding Someone Special

John and Meredith on rooftop bar in St. LouisOne week later the couple went to the St. Louis Art Fair in Clayton and afterwards returned to the Moonrise Hotel rooftop bar and sat on the same couch where they had met. This time, the two shared champagne to celebrate finding each other. John and Meredith had tried dating sites with no success, but after their chance meeting there was no doubt – this was an immediate connection. Both had been married before, and both had kids.

“You just know when it’s right” they each said, already finishing each other’s sentences.

Fast forward to September 2018, John and Meredith are planning their one year anniversary celebration at – where else? – The Moonrise! They’ve booked themselves a stellar room at our boutique hotel and will once again crack open a bottle of champagne while lounging on what they now call “their couch”.

If you’re not having success on the latest dating site, consider planning a night for drinks at one of the best St. Louis rooftop bars. Just ask John and Meredith – at the Moonrise, love is written in the stars! Book your stay now and take your own chance on finding true love.