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Space Force: Perfect show for Moonrise Hotel

Space Force is the newest show on Netflix starring The Office‘s Steve Carell. His character, named Mark Naird, leads the newly created U.S. Space Force towards the goal of landing on the moon.

Wait, is Space Force a science fiction show?

Space Force is a comedy that uses somewhat dry dad-humor to make fun of the protagonist Mark Naird as he navigates his way through running the U.S. Space Force. Sure, it has some special effects like rockets and spacecraft, but its main focus is the people who are working together to get “Boots on the Moon.” It is a pretty funny show to sit back and laugh with the one you love or even just kind of like.

Where’s a great place to binge watch it?

With trips and vacations to faraway places on hold, the best place to have a staycation is a local boutique hotel, the Moonrise Hotel. Enjoy our complimentary wi-fi and watch it on your favorite device during your staycation. Get away from the stress of it all and have a Netflix and Chill night with the one you love.