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Contact Free Check-in and Room Key

The boutique Moonrise Hotel has been vigilant in keeping our employees and guests safe during Covid-19. To keep the Coronavirus at bay, the Moonrise Hotel has partnered with Open Key to introduce Contract-Free check-in and keyless entry for our guests.

What is contact free check-in?

Instead of going up to the front desk, you can check into your room through the Open Key app. Just download the Open Key app on your smartphone and use the phone number registered under your stay, and you are good to go.

Wait, but how do I get into the room?

As long as you have already used the Open Key app to check-in, you will also be able to use the app to open your door. Just use the Open Key app near your door, and it will unlock.

Anything else to keep our stay safe?

We have instituted a more strict cleaning schedule before guests arrive in every room. We have established mobile pay in the Open Key app as well; so that you not only check-in with the app but can check out too.

Come stay with us this weekend and save 10% off your room AND get $25 on us to the rooftop bar! We’re taking extra precautions to ensure your safety. Learn more about our new policies and book your room before we’re booked!