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Scott Bakula: Saint Louis Walk of Fame Spotlight

While walking around the Saint Louis Delmar Loop, you probably noticed that there is a St. Louis Walk of Fame. If you are even more perceptive, you will see that Scott Bakula has a star at 6148 Delmar Avenue. Stay at the local Boutique Moonrise Hotel and see for yourself!

Scott Bakula Saint Louis Stellar Connection

So how is Scott Bakula connected to Saint Louis? Scott Bakula grew up in Kirkwood and attended Kirkwood High School. His first step in the road to Hollywood was his elementary music teacher recommending he try out for the Saint Louis Symphony Choir. After that, the sky and the stars were the limit!

Early Career: Birth of a Star

Like almost every Hollywood actor, Scott Bakula earned his spot in the heavens by starting out in the theater. Making his Broadway debut in Marilyn: An American Fable and continuing his off-broadway shows. After his agents pushed him to go to Hollywood, he finally found stellar success by landing the lead role in the TV Show Quantum leap.

Leaping into Hollywood Stardom

Quantum leap was a huge sci-fi hit that had a unique premise. Scott Bakula played Doctor Beckett who created a quantum teleportation device. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned (hey we’ve all been there) and he accidentally teleported into another person’s body in the past. He then tries to fix what is wrong in that person’s life and then leaps away, and he keeps quantum leaping from person to person hoping one day that a leap will bring him home. After this hit show, he continued his Hollywood journey by starring in movies such as American Beauty and Necessary Roughness.

To Boldly Go where no Saint Louisan has gone before

Scott Bakula lept into his next shining project by becoming Captain Jonathan Archer in the TV show Star Trek: Enterprise. This show is a prequel to the original Star Trek series and helps to lay the foundation of many of the Star Trek staples. Some of the events in the show was the formation of the Federation of Planets, an early version of the Prime Directive, and photon torpedoes. Scott Bakula brilliantly played an explorer who not only had to survive the unknown depths of space but also set a moral footpath for humanity’s future.

Continuing to shine bright in Hollywood

After Star Trek, Scott Bakula continued to land numerous TV shows and today, he shines brightly as the lead on NCIS: New Orleans. His successful career is a hopeful beacon to all Saint Louisans who wish to follow his stellar career. Come see his star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame and buy a drink in his honor at the Eclipse Restaurant while you stay at the Moonrise Hotel.