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Moonrise Staff Wear Jeans for Charity

Moonrise Staff sporting jeans for good causes!We know that in the hotel business, casual dress, like jeans, is unheard of. But here at the Moonrise, we like to do things a little differently—so if you’re checking in on a Friday, don’t be surprised if you find our staff dressed down in jeans!

At the Moonrise, management and staff are able to support their favorite charities by donating a small percentage of their paychecks to the Little Bit Foundation and Stray Rescue of St. Louis. In return, they get to wear their favorite jeans every Friday.

The Little Bit Foundation provides much-needed support to inner-city St. Louis schools while Stray Rescue’s aim to rescue animals in need of medical attention and place them in loving homes once they’re healthy again. Both organizations are working hard for a better St. Louis.

Our staff is thrilled to be donating some of their paychecks every week to these amazing organizations. And we’re more than happy to give our employees the chance to don their jeans on Fridays as a thank you for their kindness!