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Mannequins on the Loop Support Sustainability In Style

If we had to make a list of things we love at the Moonrise, unique art, eco-consciousness and the Delmar Loop would be right at the top. Our favorite annual art competition “Mannequins on the Loop” really gets our rockets firing by combining all three!

What’s It All About?

A decade ago, local designer Audrey Jones, along with her mother, Dorothy Davis, created this fun and funky competition to showcase creative talent in St. Louis, promote awareness of the need to b eco-friendly and raise money for deserving local organizations.

Artists partner with businesses along the Loop to adorn a mannequin with an outfit and accoutrement that reflects their unique brands, then install these plastic people on the street for everyone to enjoy. Wash U art and fashion professors award the best mannequin with a first place prize, but everyone is welcome to come enjoy this interactive art experience and pick their personal favorites.

Reuse, Recycle, Sustain

This year’s theme is all about recycling, so it’s particularly fitting that it’s held in The Loop, our nation’s second ever Green Dining District. (At least 25% of the locally owned restaurants on The Loop are Green Dining Alliance Certified, including the eco-friendly Moonrise Hotel’s Eclipse Restaurant!) The intent is to boost efforts to “go green”, particularly with in the fashion industry, so artists were strongly encouraged to use only repurposed materials rather than buying new items for their mannequins. Some items we’ve seen on this year’s mannequins include taffy, wine corks, bike tires and comic books, just to name a few!

Artists got their mannequins on Earth Day and put them up on The Loop on May 20th, where they’ll stay until the official judging on June 10. This year a portion of the proceeds will be used to create a $1,000 scholarship for a UCHS senior(s) planning to study art or a related field in a college or university.

Be sure to plan a trip to The Loop so you can be a part of this one-of-a-kind art installation while it’s here! When you’re done enjoying the creative efforts of our talented St. Louis artists, you can take a trip to the Moonrise for a refreshing pick-me-up on our rooftop patio. Or, book a room at our boutique hotel to enjoy a few full days of funky art and fun!