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Green Dining Alliance Awards Eclipse Restaurant 5 stars

Delivering a stellar, unique, and GREEN dining experience, Moonrise Hotel’s Eclipse restaurant now boasts a perfect 5-star rating from the Green Dining Alliance! Ranked based on tough criteria that evaluates everything from where we source our food to our carbon footprint, we are proud to see our efforts recognized and validated.

5-stars For Eco-Friendly Eclipse

Since receiving a 4-star rating in 2017, our team has worked effortlessly to ensure that  Eclipse Restaurant exceeds eco expectations. Our efforts have included more local sourcing of ingredients and energy conservation by way of changing all of our kitchen and front of house lights to LED. Our electric car charging station – one of the many features that make The Moonrise a green hotel – composting program, compostable straws, participation in the GiftAMeal program, and the solar panel rooftop that supplies much of our energy were all cited by the Green Dining Alliance as contributors to our 5-star rating.

The Green Dining Alliance also reports that a staggering 85% of single stream recyclable waste produced by the restaurant never reaches a landfill! All of this combined with a near-perfect water purity score makes Moonrise’s Eclipse Restaurant the greenest dining experience in the galaxy.

Always Going Greener

Even with a ranking of 5 stars, we are always trying to find ways to better help our planet. Moving forward, we plan to source even more food locally and to swap in more organic cleaning products. We are very proud of everyone who has passionately dedicated themselves to making Eclipse a restaurant that gives back to our planet!

We take pride in the special features that set us lightyears above the rest, from our simply stunning space-themed decor and rainbow stairs to our green practices to being the best pet-friendly hotel in St. Louis.

So whether you’re looking for the most out-of-this-world rooftop dining St. Louis has to offer, eco-conscious corporate event venues, or truly unique event spaces where you can feel good about hosting a party that won’t hurt the planet, The Moonrise Hotel and Eclipse Restaurant have you covered!

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