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Corn Moon

On September 2, 2020, a bright full moon called the Corn Moon will be up in the cooling night sky. Surprisingly, this full moon’s yellow glow isn’t why it is called the Corn Moon. Together, let’s investigate why it is called the Corn Moon.

Why is it called the Corn Moon?

The Corn Moon is the very first full moon in September and typically happens before the Autumn Equinox. Its name relates to the time when harvesting corn occurs during cool nights. Thus, it is most likely that European, Colonial, and Native farmers in the northern hemisphere first gave this moon its name.

Where is the best place to view this uniquely named moon?

Each month’s full moon has a particular name. The best place to view them is from our beautiful moonlit rooftop bar or at the delicious Eclipse restaurant. Fall is almost here, and let’s finally have some local fun at the Saint Louis boutique Moonrise Hotel.