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Visit Forest Park to Enjoy Nature During your Stay

Forest Park is one of America’s largest city parks, and it’s just a 10-minute walk from the Moonrise Hotel. Forest Park opened in 1876 and has over 1,300 acres of nature and attractions to see. We will highlight some of the most popular ones that our guests love to visit.

What are some of the popular attractions?

Forest Park isn’t just a park; there are many fun attractions that one can visit for free! For example, one of the best zoos in the nation, the Saint Louis Zoo, is free to enter, and one can easily spend a whole day seeing the wildlife living there. Right next to the zoo is the Saint Louis Art Museum.

The Saint Louis Art Museum Contains art from around the world. There are many familiar painters like Van Gogh on display. What is also exciting is that there are limited-time exhibits on display as well. And the best part is that like the zoo the art museum is free. Forest Park is so large, what about something closer to the hotel?

The attraction closest to the hotel is the Forest Park golf course. One of the best city golf courses in mid-America, one can book a tee time and enjoy nine holes of golf. Along with golf in the park, there is also tennis, baseball, cricket, and fishing. There is even an outdoor theater called the Muny, which showcases many concerts and plays.

I’ve been to Forest Park before, so what is new to see there?

Forest Park just opened a nature playscape section of the park. Including native grasses and flowers along with rocks and streams, play and walking areas have been created for kids and adults to enjoy. The new nature playscape is also a great place to lounge and relax in the beautiful natural setting.

Where’s an excellent place to relax afterward?

Once you have had a full day of fun at Forest Park, the best place to unwind is to have a great dinner at the Eclipse Restaurant at Moonrise Hotel or relax on the rooftop bar with a delicious classic or signature cocktail.