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The Flower Moon Brings us Closer to Summer

On May 26th, 2021, the Flower Moon will come blowing into the spring night sky. So, why is this moon named the Flower Moon? Does it look more vibrant in the night sky? Let’s answer these questions together.

Why is it called a Flower Moon?

The Flower Moon is the full moon that occurs in May. Most flowers are now in bloom, so it makes sense to name this moon after them. From Iris to Lillies and Tulips, we are all aware and glad that summer is almost here. The moon doesn’t look more vibrant or flowery during this time of year, but it helps make flowers more beautiful under the full moonlight. Since warm weather is now here, let’s find a place to view the moon.

Where to view the full moon?

Good news! You can view the full moon at the Eclipse Restaurant on May 26th. And of course, join us at the opening Moonshine Party at the Moonrise Hotel Rooftop bar on June 4th and 5th from 4-11 pm.