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Super Worm Moon

On March 28th, 2021, there is going to be a beautiful Supermoon in the celestial sky, also known as a Super Worm Moon. Wow, that sure is a mouth full, but stay with me, I will explain it all in this blog. Let’s break it down into two descriptions: first, a Supermoon, and second a Worm Moon.

What is a Supermoon?

A Supermoon is a full moon when the moon is closest to the Earth, also known as its perigee. Because of this, the full moon looks Super big! Supermoons are not a super rare event but are always a beautiful sight in the night sky.

So why is a March full moon called Worm Moon?

The March full moon got that distinction from when the ground in many areas was starting to thaw from winter, and worms would start coming out of the dirt. So much so that robins in March start to come back from their winter vacation.

Does the March Full Moon have any other names besides Worm Moon?

Many Native American tribes call the March full moon the Fulcrum Moon, meaning that the crows cawing signaled winter was ending. The March full moon was also referred to as the Full Crust Moon because the snow cover becomes crusted over as the melting top layer freezes overnight.

The Full Sap Moon is another full moon name due to the sap from sugar maples start to appear at this time.

Where is the best place to view these uniquely named moons?

Each month’s full moon has a unique name. The best place in Saint Louis to view each one is on our rooftop bar during the warmer months. If it is too cold for the rooftop bar, then the best spot for viewing the moon is out of your hotel window at Saint Louis’ premier boutique hotel, the Moonrise Hotel.