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National Dog Biscuit Day 2020

The pet-friendly Moonrise Hotel has a special treat for our VIPooches on February 23rd, 2020. February 23rd is National Dog Biscuit Day, and that means that our VIPooches get a free dog biscuit if their Human friends are our hotel guests. Make sure your Human friend mentions that VIPooches are coming with them during their stay to make sure a biscuit is ready for them.

Wait, What is National Dog Biscuit Day?

This Holiday is simple; it’s a day when VIPooches are treated with a dog biscuit! No one knows who started the day or why, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that doggies get to wag their tails and enjoy a delicious biscuit at the pet-friendly Moonrise Hotel!

VIPooches are full from biscuit, now what?

VIPooche’s Human friends don’t forget that the pet-friendly Moonrise Hotel has a delicious Eclipse Restaraunt which has a wide variety of out of this world meals. There’s no doubt that both doggies and their human friends will enjoy their stay at this stellar pet-friendly Moonrise Hotel.