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Starry Delights at Moonrise Hotel: October’s Stellar Reviews!

Greetings, earthlings and cosmic travelers! Today, we’re taking you on an interstellar journey to a place not so far away – the Moonrise Hotel. Nestled in the heart of the Delmar loop, our space-themed boutique hotel is a gateway to otherworldly experiences, right here on planet Earth. Let’s teleport into some of our recent voyagers’ experiences from October 2023, as they rated us an astronomical 5/5!

Rooftop Wonders – 5/5

Imagine sipping your favorite drink under a canopy of stars. That’s the scene K.K. found herself in four weeks ago. “The rooftop view was enjoyable!” she beams, recalling her family vacation. “We had an affordable price for a fantastic room and experience!” She awarded us a glowing 5/5 stars for our combination of value and stellar experiences.

A Galactic Location – 5/5

B.R., another space explorer, landed at Moonrise two weeks ago. He describes the hotel as a “Space themed boutique hotel in the heart of the Delmar loop.” He appreciated the “beautiful views from the rooftop” and our convenient location, especially for guests attending shows at the Pageant. With “tons of great restaurants and shops within walking distance,” Moonrise isn’t just a hotel; it’s a launchpad to local adventures. His overall review? Another shining 5/5 stars!

Stellar Bar Experience – 5/5

Not everyone comes for a full stay; some just stop by for a taste of the galaxy. A group of friends, including one impressed guest, dropped by solely for the roof bar experience, which they found to be out of this world. “Only had roof bar experience which was great,” they shared, contributing to our constellation of 5-star reviews.

At Moonrise Hotel, we’re more than just a stay; we’re an experience. Each review, like a star in the night sky, adds to the constellation of our story. Join us for a cosmic adventure and create your own stellar memories. Book your intergalactic getaway today at Moonrise Hotel, where every guest’s experience is a universe of its own, deserving of a 5-star journey!