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Get Involved: America Recycles Day

This November 15, keep America beautiful by joining in on America Recycles Day! As an eco-friendly hotel, the Moonrise loves any reason to put a focus on keeping our planet clean.

Why Does Recycling Matter?

The increase in population has lead to an increased draw on our planet’s natural resources – many of which are not renewable. The processes for extracting these resources deplete natural environments and animal habitats, endanger a wide variety of species of plants and animals and emit greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming. By recycling, we re-use our resources and reduce the need to continually extract new ones. Check out these facts from The Balance and Thinking Green:

  • “Air pollution from paper production can be lessened by 73 percent if papers are produced from recycled papers instead of virgin materials.”
  • “Around 66 percent of energy can be saved by producing plastic products from recycled plastics instead of virgin materials.”
  • “Every year, roughly 1 billion trees worth of paper are discarded in the U.S.”
  • “Using recycled materials in the manufacturing process uses considerably less energy than that required for producing new products from raw materials – even when comparing all associated costs including transport etc.”
  • “Recycling just one aluminum can save sufficient energy to run a television set for around 3 hours or one 100-watt bulb burning for 4 hours.”

How You Can Participate

A cleaner planet starts with just one person’s commitment to leaving a smaller footprint. If you’re interested in participating in America Recycles Day, head over to their website. You can organize or attend an event to promote recycling efforts. They even provide helpful toolkits and ideas to get you started with planning!

Or, you can simply take a pledge and encourage others to do the same. Over 71,000 people have signed the pledge to :

  • Learn what materials are collected for recycling in their community.
  • Act within the month to reduce the amount of waste they produce, recycle more and buy recycled products.
  • Share the pledge and encourage at least one friend or family member to take it.

If you don’t recycle because you don’t know what to recycle or where, you can use America Recycle’s recycling locator. It will show you the materials you can recycle and where you can take them in your area.

Our Commitment to Being an Eco-Friendly Hotel

At the Moonrise, we’re focused on being green and making sustainability efforts every day. We participate in a property-wide recycling program, and compost waste from the Eclipse restaurant and employee break room. The Eclipse Restaurant is also Green Dining Alliance certified.

Our solar panel roof is the first restaurant and hotel roof in the country made completely from solar panels. The roof, in addition to our 60-foot solar canopy over the Rooftop Terrace Bar and Twilight Room, powers the entire rooftop, rotating moon, outdoor bar, indoor Twilight Room and most of the entire floor below the rooftop! We also offer an Electric Vehicle Charging Station to allow overnight hotel guests to re-charge their electric cars for free. And, we get involved in sponsoring and hosting green-centric events and programs whenever we can.

If you make the decision to be eco-conscious today, we can all enjoy a more beautiful tomorrow. Next time you need a place to stay in the city, book a room at the Moonrise and feel good about making a positive choice for the planet!