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Full Moon Friday: Dos and Don’ts

Full MoonFor centuries, humans have been fascinated by our Earth’s only natural satellite, the moon. We’ve crafted myths and superstitions, and many cultures have associated the moon with madness. In fact, the root of the word “lunacy” is “lunar” – literally “of, determined by, relating to or resembling the moon.”

Tonight’s Snow Moon is a full moon, there will be a lunar eclipse and the Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusáková will be passing close to earth. That’s a lot of lunar energy! To celebrate tonight’s full moon, and to help you survive and thrive during the chaos, we’ve compiled this list of Full Moons dos and don’ts.

Do: Prep your root vegetables for planting.

If you’re a gardener and want healthy root veggies, tomorrow’s your day for planting. But not tonight, that’s considered bad luck. The farmer’s almanac says planting root vegetables as the moon is waning may help the roots grow deep into the ground. This recommendation stems from the belief that the moon is the regulator of growth.

Don’t: Cut your hair.

It’s believed that the waxing moon promotes the growth of thick, long hair (see our don’t about the werewolves, below). It’s said that your hair will grow back faster if cut on the night of the full moon. So, save yourself the time and schedule your cut next week.

Do: Avoid a trip to the E.R.

The moon is thought to make people go crazy. Both doctors and nurses believe they see more injuries and mental health cases on nights with a full moon. While science doesn’t exactly support this, it has found that animals are more active during the full moon due to increased light. However, we still suggest you avoid the E.R.

Don’t: Sleep outside.

Werewolves are quite commonly associated with a full moon. It’s said that sleeping under a full moon with the light shining on your face may cause you to turn into a werewolf. While science hasn’t proven this to be true, there’s no reason to risk it. Simply book a room with us!

Do: Have sweet dreams.

A Swedish sleep study noted that participants had 30 more minutes of REM sleep during the full moon. Since REM is the part of sleep that most commonly involves dreaming, get ready for some full moon dreaming.

Definitely Do: Pop up to our rooftop bar for a drink.

That same study noted that during a full moon, participants didn’t get as much sleep and had a harder time falling asleep. So, don’t waste time on a sleepless night, make sure you’re doing something fun, instead. Plus, our Rooftop Terrace will be open to view the sky and you can grab a drink in the Twilight Room.

See you tonight!