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Blast Off with Eclipse’s Summer Menu

Grilled Swordfish from Eclipse Summer 2015 MenuSt. Louis can’t escape summer any longer – the heat is here! It’s not all bad though, because the official start of summer means we get to unveil new menus at Eclipse Restaurant. This summer, you can sip on a 90210, a seasonal cocktail made with toli Vanilla vodka, Pisco, house pineapple gomme, coconut cream, cinnamon & pineapple or get lost in a Bermuda Triangle made with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, house vanilla syrup, Mexican Coke & orange.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or just going out for dessert, Eclipse has you covered. Your sweetie will melt when you treat him/her to the Grilled Swordfish with wild rice, sautéed  fresno & red bell peppers, corn and tomato relish on date night.

Our best advice is to make your reservation now through the Eclipse Restaurant site or give them a call at (314) 726-2222

Tomato & Avocado from Eclipse Summer 2015 MenuMenus

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