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Cold Moon Greets us with Winter

On December 29th, 2020, the Cold Moon will be full in the frigid night sky. This full moon is the first full moon of winter. So, why is this moon named the Cold Moon? Does it look like ice? Let’s find out together.

Why is it called the Cold Moon?

The Cold Moon is the full moon that takes place in December. Winter begins in the northern hemisphere on December 21st, and things get nice and chilly this time of year. The Cold Moon is also sometimes known as the Frost Moon or the Winter Moon. Both of those names are fitting as winter’s cold frosty nights are now upon us. The Cold Moon doesn’t look any different, but you might think it does while you shiver looking at the night sky.

Turning the Corner, longer days ahead

Now that the darkest day of the year is behind us, days will start getting longer and longer. The Cold Moon does not just remind us that winter is here, but that the darkest days are now behind us and that soon it will be time to celebrate and say goodbye to 2020 once and for all.