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Check In with Grand Budapest Hotel

The-Grand-Budapest-Hotel-PosterWe’re proud to be one of St. Louis’ boutique hotels, and we always love when hotels like ours are featured in a prominent way. In this case, boutique hotels are taking center stage right down the street at the Tivoli Theatre.

Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson’s latest film, takes place at a fictional European mountainside hotel. Like all of Anderson’s films, it features a quirky cast of characters in a uniquely designed setting. As another hotel that features a different quirky cast of characters in a uniquely designed setting, we can’t get enough! The cinematography and off-kilter humor bring this hotel to life.

While there hasn’t been a movie made about us (yet), we think catching Grand Budapest Hotel is a great choice while you stay here with us. Take a stroll down the vibrant Delmar Loop and be sure to get a large popcorn. Or, if you’ve seen the film and wonder if boutique hotels are something special, book your stay with us today.