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How We Celebrate Housekeeper Appreciation Week at the Moonrise

Anybody in the hotel industry will tell you, the hardest working individuals in a hotel are the housekeeping staff. If you’ve ever thought that cleaning your own home is a difficult chore, just imagine how much work it takes to keep an entire hotel full of guests spotless! That’s why at the Moonrise, we make sure our housekeepers know how much we appreciate them everyday. But when Housekeeper Appreciation Week rolls around each September, we really do our best to pull out all the stops and give them the thank-you they deserve!

How Hard Is It, Really?

Checking behind furniture, under beds and sinks, and everywhere else in dozens of rooms guarantees housekeepers get in more squats and push-ups than most people do in an average gym session. Not to mention stripping and changing sheets on beds daily, carrying heavy laundry bags up and down hallways, and scrubbing bathroom floors and hard surfaces! Plus, they do it all while contributing to the hotel’s eco-friendly efforts. We could go on and on about all the hard work our housekeepers do for our guests everyday. Suffice it to say, they’re the backbone of the Moonrise. We just couldn’t do it without them!

A Simple Thank You Isn’t Enough

When you have employees that work this hard, and always do it with smiles and positivity, you jump at the opportunity to show them your gratitude. So when Housekeeper Appreciation Week comes, the Moonrise really celebrates! We give each member of our staff a gift, and we take the time to truly consider the best, most thoughtful presents we can get them. Some of this year’s gifts included Visa gift cards with values up to $500, a full designer kitchenware set, and Beats Pill speakers, just to name a few. We also hosted an appreciation banquet meal for them, because cleaning is hungry work!

Like we said, we can never fully thank our staff enough, but we’ll never stop trying to. We hope that our guests appreciate our housekeepers’ skills too. They do it all for you! Of course, we are grateful to every hardworking employee at the Moonrise Hotel. We do our best to make this a fun place to stay and work. If you’re interested in joining our team, check out our careers page to see if there’s a job that appeals to you!