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5 ways to be an awesome wedding guest: Get to know your Weddiquette

Wedding-home-pageWedding season has arrived! Everybody loves a good wedding so here’s how to help your friends enjoy their special day by being an amazing guest. We like to call this Weddiquette.

5. Read the invitation closely

When that invite comes in the mail, pay attention to what it says so you can RSVP by the deadline. Don’t bring your new boyfriend if the invitation doesn’t explicitly state that you get a plus one. Also, and this is key, if you RSVP saying you’ll be there, show up! Remember, each guest makes the wedding a little more expensive – don’t let your friends waste their money! You’ll want to make sure you eat every bit of that expensive and delicious dinner.

4. Dress appropriately

When you’re shopping for something to wear, keep in the mind the time of day, the season and the style of invitation. If it’s a daytime wedding, it might be awkward when you show up in a ball gown. If it’s in the evening, a sundress won’t really make sense. Also, please don’t be that person who shows up in white. It’s really not nice to play copycat with the bride on her day!

3. Turn your phone off

When you arrive for the ceremony, just shut your iPhone off. There’s no reason to risk drowning out the groom’s heartfelt vows (no matter how cheesy they are) with your ringtone. That’s an embarrassing situation for everyone involved. If you’re thinking, “but I need to get a picture of the kiss,” we’re going to cut you off right there to remind you that the couple is paying a professional to get that picture. Really, don’t worry about getting that shot.

2. Don’t hog the newlyweds

Your newly married friends are going to love talking to each of their guests after the wedding…until they start to get hungry. So don’t stand there gushing over them for longer than a few seconds, because they just want to get through this winding line of third cousins and great aunts – and get to that champagne and cake already!

1. Have fun, but behave

Your friends spent a lot of time planning for this day. They’ll feel way better about how it turned out if you’re not moping around, silently glued to your phone or staring off into space. So have fun! Participate in the traditions, shake your booty on the dance floor and mingle with all the guests, even the ones you don’t know.

But don’t do anything obnoxious that you’re not invited to do. Don’t bust a move on the dance floor during the couple’s first dance. Don’t make a speech if it’s not part of the plan. First and foremost, don’t abuse the open bar and get so drunk that you do all of these things!

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