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10 Stellar Songs That Will Draw You to the Moonrise Hotel

It’s no secret that music evokes emotion. From happy to sad, optimistic to fearful, and beyond, each and every song conjures up feelings within the listeners. Being that we love all things cosmic, we have compiled a list of songs that inspires us to head for the stars. While we haven’t been the lucky winners of tickets for Elon Musk’s purported space travel, we do offer the next best things: fine accommodations at The Moonrise Hotel, delectable fare at Eclipse Restaurant, and heavenly libations at The Rooftop Terrace Bar. So fire up your record player, tune-in to these ditties, and then give us a call to make your reservations!


“Starman,” David Bowie

The “Starman,” David Bowie, will have you wishing to jettison into space aboard a vessel that allows you to view all of the wonders that space has to offer. If your first stop would be to the moon, we’ve got the perfect place to make a crash landing. With our cool digs, you’re sure to have an out of this world experience.

“You’re a Sky Full of Stars,” ColdPlay

This ColdPlay ballad will encourage you to spend a weekend exploring with your sweetheart. As The Moonrise Hotel is located in the eclectic Loop in St. Louis, there will be no shortage of things to see, people to meet, and food to eat. When you’re ready to wind down, your private room will prove otherworldly for you and your flame.

“Rocket Man,” Elton John

You don’t have to be lonely out in space like the “rocket man!” The Apollo 8 meeting space at The Moonrise Hotel provides room for small and mid-sized dinners, receptions, and business meetings. You and your dearest cosmonauts can even use this room as a theater to watch all of the best movies, such as “The Martian,” “Alien,” “Apollo 13,” and more!

“Dancing in the Moonlight,” King Harvest

Known for their biggest hit “Dancing in the Moonlight,” King Harvest really knows how to get a party started. With the giant spinning moon at The Rooftop Terrace Bar, you and your pals will be able to enjoy this song to the fullest.

“Fly Me to the Moon,” Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra isn’t just for your grandparents. His simple approach to melodies will have you singing along in no time flat. If you have always dreamt of playing amongst the stars, one listen to this classic will have you heading directly to the Rooftop Terrace at the Moonrise Hotel.

“Bad Moon Rising,” Creedence Clearwater Revival

While CCR’s vintage hit Bad Moon Rising may technically be about the dreadful circumstances that a “bad moon” can cause, we understand that all the risk takers out there are willing to test their limits. If you love CCR as much as we do, you will not be deterred from space missions when this song begins to play.

“Bark at the Moon,” Ozzy Osbourne

When anticipating an eventful evening out, a little Ozzy Osbourne will ensure an epic adventure. You can bark at the moon with your favorite guys and gals in the spectacular Twilight Room, which is perfect for events and private parties of up to 80 hungry astronauts!

“E.T.,” Katy Perry and Kanye West

Everyone knows that Katy Perry and Kanye West go hard in their hit song E.T. One of the most intriguing oddities about space is the possibility of other life forms, and Katy and Kanye dive into the idea of a love affair with an alien. Maybe you’ll meet a visitor from another planet or moon while visiting the Moonrise Hotel!

“Intergalactic,” The Beastie Boys

When traveling to the St. Louis area for fun and fancy, choosing the right song to pump you up is necessary. This jam by The Beastie Boys energizes your need for interplanetary space exploration, sending you on a mission to the moon – at our Rooftop Bar, of course.

“Across the Universe,” The Beatles

While nothing may change The Beatles’ world, one visit to our extraordinary accommodations will transform yours! The amenities, oddities, and uniqueness of the best place to stay on The Delmar Loop will keep you coming back for more!


While the list could continue on and on, these happen to be our top picks for the best celestial anthems. Add these fantastic ballads to you spatial playlist, jump in your spaceship – or your vehicle – and enjoy an evening at Eclipse Restaurant and the Moonrise Hotel! Book through our website today or call 314-721-1111 to check availability and book your trip. Blast off!